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If the previous generation was the Starlet, then the new model recently launched by Toyota has graduated through the Hollywood system and should now be called the STAR.

The Starlet was launched about 2 years ago in SA and has been a great success for them since. The new version (facelift) was launched a few months ago, we were at the launch and there is a launch video on the channel.

The test car arrived in top XR spec and decked out in black paint, I thought this quite unusual in a smaller car but it works well and the car looked very smart with all the extra chrome trim that XR spec adds. The new grille is far more prominent and again adds chrome to highlight. Fog lights are added.

The dual colour 16′ alloy wheels add a classy touch and rear privacy glass adds a bit of character, probably highlighted by the black bodywork.

The new generation has upped the power by what seems a nominal change from 1.4 to 1.5L and power goes 77kW and 138Nm from the previous 68kW and 130Nm. This may not seem like material increases but when taking the lightweight platform into account, this translates into very adequate performance for this category of car.

Drive is delivered to the front wheels through a light and easy 5 speed manual transmission, there is a 4 speed automatic available as well. Cruising at the national speed limit has the engine at around 3000 revs and if you need an occasional downshift to 4th gear for steep hills or overtaking, this is smooth and easy. I don’t consider this to be a negative or hardship in any way.

The proven fuel efficiency of the previous model is still there. We achieved an overall average of 5.8l/100km for the full week’s test.

XR spec provides a surprising package overall with a large 9″ infotainment screen that includes reverse camera, full connectivity, and all the functions you expect. Cruise control, 6 airbags and 3x USB ports are also present.

With all models sharing the same powertrain, pricing ranges from R226 200 for base Xi through to R313 300 for XR auto with the test version currently priced at R294 900. This includes a 3 service/ 45 000km service plan.




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