Motor Matters is an online South African motoring news channel. We try to cover as much of what’s happening in the industry as possible!

We’re aimed at car enthusiasts, potential buyers, potential sellers and anyone else engaged in wanting to know more about cars! The where, why, how, how much, comparisons, references and general information is what we aim to give you.

The People

William Kelly

William ‘LeadFoot’ Kelly has written about cars before. A life long obsession with these mechanical motors has culminated in a pursuit of fun and enjoyment in MotorMatters where we try not to take life too seriously, but Very Seriously when it comes to cars!
082 886 7114

Alan Rosenmeyer

Alan ‘see you next time’ Rosenmeyer, the one take YouTube(r) is the brand owner of MotorMatters. Appearing now on TV as well as YouTube, Alan has built a reputation for nitty gritty coverage of cars – in one take! Lean, mean and to the point is what MotorMatters  is about giving you. Less flash but more information that’s relevant to you.


Ciara Vogelman

Ciara Vogelman is our web guru. She is a co-owner of RogueWeb who are the principal architects of this site and our default partners in producing this madness.