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Why not in South Africa?

We all know why. Yay. Eskom and blithering imbeciles in government that STILL tax EVs more than petrol powers cars to ‘protect’ the local industry (who are begging to be ‘allowed’ to compete!). You cannot make this stuff up. Anyhoo…

Copied verbatim from the press release. What a great idea.

Stellantis introduces the offer “Electric As You Go”: the new long-term rental program dedicated to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) designed to offer breakthrough competitive prices to Stellantis customers.

Stellantis introduces “Electric As You Go”: the new competitive long-term rental program dedicated to the BEV world starting from € 110 per month plus a cost of use at 7 cents per kilometer (with 500 kms minimum per month*).

The program extends the access to BEVs, giving the customer the possibility to choose between a Peugeot e-208, Opel Corsa-e (B segment) or Opel Mokka-e (B-SUV) and will be soon extended to other full electric vehicles within the Group’s portfolio.

The “Electric As You Go” program is now available in France for private customers who wish to change their old vehicle with an affordable and sustainable solution**. The program is expected to expand to other countries in Europe.




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