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5.8l/100km average fuel consumption for the test period, and it’s not a tiny A-segment economy hatch? No, it’s a luxury C-segment sedan from Mercedes-Benz powered by a 2L 4 cylinder turbodiesel motor.

It’s not underpowered or a sluggard either. With 160kW and 440Nm, it may not be the fastest accelerating car on the road but it will cruise all day and still provide quick, safe and responsive overtaking when needed.

The new C-Class builds on the winning formula that has seen Mercedes sell over 10 million units over the last 20 years or so. Originally the “Baby” model, it has grown up in every respect. Where rear space was once limited, it’s now abundant probably matching E-class models of previous generations.

At launch earlier this year I drove both C200 petrol and C220d models like this one. Both provide an extremely comfortable ride combines with superb handling and roadholding ability if you do want to push on a bit. It’s there if you want, but this car excels in the cruising role.

Looks are always subjective, a friend commented that he didn’t like the front look. I think it all comes together well and its in the details. The grille made up of tiny Mercedes 3 pointed stars and such. The 19″ AMG alloy wheels look good as well and the ride is great. As always, the fact that the car runs on run-flat tyres and doesn’t have a spare is something I will never be happy to live with. Especially after my last experience with the C220 and a rather large jagged pothole!

The interior is a place where you want to spend extended periods. The massive 12″ tablet infotainment screen dominates but is easy to navigate and use. The same applies to all controls……..except the stalk for gear operation. The benefit of not having a shifter on the center console is obvious, it frees up more space and also makes the interior look bigger and very classy. But, I still find this system to be my biggest gripe on all Mercedes models.

The 9 speed automatic transmission drives the rear wheels and simply goes about its job. There are multi modes available, but I simply left it in Comfort for the whole test. This really is a car where I don’t feel the need for Sports modes.

With the C220d currently priced at R954 000 before delving into the endless options list, I have one final gripe. I can’t afford it. A 5 year/ 100 000km maintenance plan is included.



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