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The Jeep Gladiator was finally launched recently in SA and we attended the launch. I have a full test booked soon but when a colleague had the Gladiator on test ahead of me, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to “borrow” the keys for a day.

Powered by the very familiar 3.6l V6 petrol engine that also does duty in the recently launched Grand Cherokee L model it’s fascinating how differently the powertrain can be applied in 2 such different vehicles. The term “Fit to purpose” really does apply.

In many ways the Gladiator is an absolutely impractical vehicle, yet that’s exactly where it’s charm is hidden. It is almost single minded in it’s suitability for the true adventurer, for the person that chases the unknown but still wants to be able to take all his kit along.

The load bay floor that includes built-in slots for the front wheels of trail bikes, the ability to remove the roof, the doors and drop the windscreen onto the bonnet. These are all unique features, yet they also built in many luxury features in the cab too.

This short impressions test does not delve into the off-road features and abilities. Wait for our full test, we’re planning a visit to our own MotorMatters test facilities on the Gush Valley farm plus maybe a day at our favourite 4×4 facility at ADA for that.






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