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And well, let’s face facts here. It’s not an ugly bug.

Vital stats: It is a Ferrari plug in hybrid with a V6 (yes, 6), which Ferrari are at pains to point out is not new to the marque with plenty of racing lineage to back their claim. It’s a Ferrari folk, and if they deem that a V6 is good enough then they are likely to have it right and all the more so when it is covered in a body that looks like this. The motor dumps 663 ponies into the total mix of 830 (610kw), which leaves 167 of them coming from the battery driven motor. You’re getting 740 Nm of torque to add to the equation all sent via an 8 speed F1 DCT gearbox. If that’s not enough power for you you need your head read.

After all, it’s the good squishy that counts, right?

Pop this into your noodle then:

0-100 in 2.9s

0-200 is 7.3s

and impressively, 200-0 in 107m. Time not quoted. But not a lot.

From pushing your eyeballs out of the back of your skull to ripping them out of your sockets and popping them like grapes against the windshield is what I call it.

And yet, Ferrari claim that this car is more about ‘Fun to Drive’. It seems as if the brand has decided that they have been Serious Enough now for too long and it’s time to get back into the fun of climbing into a Ferrari and letting your hair down, because, well, you can.

By some accounts the 296 GB is in fact an easier Ferrari to drive than most and you should, most of the time, be able to climb out of it from a quick run to the shops for some milk and bread without having to change your trousers.

It’s encouragingly Good News. And even if Ferrari are literally ramming fun down your throat whether you want it or not; when it looks like this, when it slams 830 horsies into your control space and when it guarantees you – actually I can’t complete that thought – then it’s really not hard.

Here, just take my money…


William Kelly


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