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October 2022

11k subscribers! It’s coming thick and fast now on YouTube and Alan and I have been recording video like crazy, all in the name of keeping you informed. We’ve been driving some amazing new cars with the likes of the new Jeep Gladiator bakkie done and dusted, the Grand Cherokee on it’s way, a BAIC Beijing ahead of the pack, the new Everest on launch, new Toyota updates, BMW, Haval, Mahindra – honestly the list is lengthy.

Apologies from yours truly for breaking the website – it is now fixed and operational as it was. Turns out database admin is not my forte – I am more at home behind the wheel it appears. Technology, however, marches on and in the new cars it is in this forefront that the battle for customers is going to unfold as it evolves from incremental performance improvements to the overall user experience driving car sales.

It is a brave new world and some manufacturers are going all out in embracing it. Ford has some things up their sleeve as does Stellantis and if you keep an eye out here you’ll start to see what it is that I am on about as these changes start to make their appearance in the broader motoring segment. Think instant gratification. Think automation. Smart cars in the best sense of the word that can just about self maintain themselves. It’s all coming and as we have seen the technological advances from the start of inclusion of things like Apple Car Play and Android Auto are already falling behind – I hardly even use them anymore myself.

Also of personal interest is the literal explosion of high end audio brands into the auto space. It’s becoming very interesting to listen to what’s coming up and audio in cars these days is so far removed from just a few years ago that the choice of what car to buy may well be influenced by how it sounds in the case of a few people (well, perhaps only myself included in that list). I am enjoying the listening very much – trying as one can to get a sense of what is on offer is not straight forward by any means. But it does go to show how the market is moving and the directions we are taking.

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