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November 2022

Almost year end already and the cars keep coming thick and fast! The MotorMatters Youtube channel is full to busting with content, more content and content around cars, cars and yes, you guessed it! Cars!

We’re seeing hybrid start to take off now – but supply constraints are putting an artificial lid on demand indicators. We think that if the supply was there the cars would be selling in massive numbers. It stands to reason – the fuel price is insane and showing little in the way of ever easing off, and of course with 1/3rd of it being pure taxes the aggrievement of over paying to begin with is compounded.

Personally full electric is the way to go but as per what I saw as South African Auto Week – NAAMSA’s first foray into a trade/industry mouthpiece we have some way to go until the powers that be in this country wake up to the fact that of the world we lead the rear in adopting sensible policy towards New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) and other nations are already taking away our motoring industry whilst government sails on oblivious to the fact that investment decisions in auto plants ARE ALREADY BEING TAKEN.

It’s important so bear with me as I continue. The auto manufacturing sector accounts for 1 rand in every 20 in this economy. It means government should be working 1.5 days in every 30 on this sector alone. Are they?

The white paper is by all accounts between 12 and 18 months late. Once that is in place, policy still needs to follow.

Once policy is in place we can have some sensible adjustments to NEVs locally – because, let’s face it, this is the way the world has ALREADY GONE. If we are to retain auto manufacturing here, and the 100k odd jobs that go with it, we need to start to plan to build the things NOW. Other countries are ALREADY building them – and given how long it takes to implement a factory we are already 5 years behind. In global terms that’s half a century and the urgent need to sort out legislation and policy cannot be overstated. If we don’t have it in place by Feb 2023 the auto industry as we know it is going away.

We cannot afford this whilst our moronic ministers meddle in matters of lesser importance and attempt to kick the can down the road – because, hey, right now, everything is peachy in the industry. Exports are up, jobs are stable and until 2030 when it all comes to a crashing halt into the brick wall that is the EU zone for where we currently export the technology that they will no longer accept. It beggars belief that government cannot see past lunchtime in time frames but then again I suppose that based on their track record there can be no surprise at the fact. The fact that everyone else is able to see what’s coming, has planned for it and is making it happen is not sufficient motivation – the next election is of far more importance.

We are out of time – and the writing on the wall could not be clearer. It is  tragic watching a slow motion train wreck unfold, and even worse, Patel will be sitting in a comfortable retirement reflecting on a ‘job well done’.

Will and Al,
Webmaster and Publisher



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