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June 2022

MotorMatters is beginning to get even busier. We are poscasting, videocasting, you name it casting and there is lots happening!

From the COTY – it was the Corolla Cross in one of the easiest predictions made if you haven’t heard, through to the new dual Starlet/Baleno launches, one of the last versions of an old friend, the Ecosport and the odd BMW, Volvo, Chery, Opel, LandCruiser – and much more you got it all coming your way in June.

We’re loving the feedback we’re getting and remember, it’s all about the cars and what we think about them – you still need to make up your own mind as to what it is you want to spend your randelas on. We’re just the messengers and we hope you’re getting them thick, fast and on point. With hats on!

Will and Al,
Webmaster and Publisher



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