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The 2 series BMW is almost in a unique category of it’s own on the SA market, even more so when it comes to the extremely powerful M240i version.

Small (?) 2 door coupes are quite rare and obviously very impractical cars for most buyers. The fact that it would suit me perfectly at this stage of my life is besides the point. It has also grown since the previous generation so does offer, a bit, more space than before, especially in the rear seats.

The 240i is another example of how much do you really need? 285kW and 500Nm are massive. Fortunately, x-drive all-wheel drive is standard on this model to harness the power to all 4 wheels through the standard BMW 8 speed automatic transmission.

I always try to evaluate test cars as to whether I can live with the particular car on an everyday basis. Sadly, the M240i fails this test for me. BUT………I really want one to add to my dream Sunday Funday garage.

Even when you try to drive gently, an almost impossible task, fuel consumption is always an issue. 12l/100km would be an average when you take it easy. Enjoy the car as it’s meant to be driven and it will increase drastically. Let’s not even mention when you slip up to Sport+ mode and really unleash the ponies.

x-Drive can be seen as a safety factor for wet and icy roads and, as you go to Sport + it alters the front to rear bias and allows the real fun and hooligan behaviour to begin. In this mode, the car produces a fun factor that is hard to beat or resist.

The test car was adorned with various M-Performance body kit items so it certainly looks the part and does have the go to match the show. Although it has the standard auto transmission and instrumentation, I think BMW could simply call this the M2. I think more buyers would take a closer look if they did that.

Having recently tested the 220d version, my sensible and logical brain would have to say that I would be happy to own that version as my everyday car. It still has the looks, performance, luxury and quality without the manic factor.

The M240i is currently priced at R1.1 million before extras. A 5 year/ 100 000km maintenance plan is included.


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