Published On: 9 May 2022Categories: Industry Channel News

They say that as you watch your subscriber base grow that it is a validation that people find what you do to be useful.

MotorMatters has just ticked over 9,000 subscribers on YouTube which is excellent validation. MotorMatters is not about high end TopGear type productions of glossy drool worthy video artwork – but rather about day to day info delivery of useful information presented to you by those that know what they’re talking about.

We’re hitting some decent numbers at a clip rate of 90k views and over 750k impressions a month, with a total video archive now of 624!

We also try to cover other fun things about motoring as we go about doing our jobs of giving you as much coverage as possible about cars, cars and cars. if you have feedback for us – please drop us a line to either or because we’d love to hear from you!



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