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Alan gets to grip with how to drive off road. In a Mahindra. In Cape Town. Life sucks.

At least this time Alan chooses to get stuck in sand (to match his mud skills). Awesome vehicles, awesome training and it’s all about how to get out of those sticky situations…

The SA Guild of Mobility Journalists (SAGMJ) places great importance on providing driver training for members. Mahindra South Africa are great supporters, especially regarding off-road and 4×4 training days.

With the recent launch of the Dawn, Dusk and Storm special editions of the popular Pik-up models this provided an ideal opportunity.

The Western Cape session took place at the KlipBokKop facility in the Villiersdorp area. This was my first visit to the facility that provides all kinds of terrain and very testing conditions for 4×4 driving.

Our experience was limited to steep slopes on rocky terrain and then a longer session in the sand dunes. This was actually my first personal experience driving on heavy sand. As you can see in the video, I inevitably got stuck, but at least I wasn’t the only one! All part of the learning curve and experience.

The special edition bakkies include upgraded off-road suspension and cutaway bumpers that increase off-road capability immensely. Add in more items like 18″ off-road wheels and tyres as well. This was proven when driven by our skilled instructors Gerard and PG, nothing could stop them on the day.



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